Rock Springs Water Gardens Building a Pond

So, you're thinking of building pond?  Okay...Here's some photos of how we do it!

1-If you look closely, you'll see where we've marked the
edge of the pond before we begin to dig. 

4-Note the shelves for plants around the perimeter.

7-A felt liner is laid to cushion against any sharp objects.

10-A vinyl lining covers the felt, then rocks are added

13-With most of the rocks laid in the pond, it is still hard to visualize what the final result will be.

16-A hole is dug at the top of the main falls, where a bio-filter will be installed.

19-You can finally start to see what we're accomplishing.

22-Moving a single rock will change the flow and sound of the water.

25-All that's left is to complete the landscaping.

2-Then we begin to dig...

5-The skimmer that holds the pump is set.

8-Will this yard ever look good again???

11-The liner is completely covered with rocks

14-The lining must be attached to the skimmer

17-More Rocks...this time to create the base for the main Waterfall.

20-The pump has been started...we are watching the filter fill with water

23-Harold is making final adjustments in how the water will flow on the smaller falls.

26-Some plants are being added to the pond itself.

3-and dig...and dig!

6-We use a lot of rocks...often the biggest expense.

9-Time for a well deserved break!

12-Handling the rocks requires a lot of breaks!

15-There must be a good fit between the liner and skimmer to assure that no leaks develop.

18-Water has been added to the main pond.

21-Finally...the water is starting to flow!!!

24-Here you can see the entire project coming together.

27-Here's the completed pond with the fresh landscaping.
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